Ford Evos Concept – From Sketch to Clay to Metal – A Photo Journey

August 31, 2011

By now, most of you will have seen the finalised production pics of the forthcoming Ford Evos Concept due to be unveiled in-the-metal at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in just a few days’ time. Some striking lines and themes abound, that’s for certain. Shod with all of the latest headline-tech (hybrid, of course) and some rather interesting 4-door Gullwing doors amidst a Coupe design, this front-wheel-drive concept prototype was designed to show off Ford’s newly refined ‘Kinetic 2.0’ design language from which the themes of next-generation Fords will be derived from.

From design sketches to Clay model to the final handmade product, here we present you with a photo-journey documenting the Evos’ lifespan from pencil to prototype.

-By Blake J.


Themed Hot Rods – When the Drugs Worked…?

August 26, 2011
Bespoke styles and visionary creations for the tuning crowd have evolved greatly over the decades since the techniques of vehicular customization and personalized coachbuilding companys started emerging in the 1930’s (aimed at the wealthy set). But by the time WWII ended, an exciting and youthful resurgence was brewing in Southern California for the Hot Rod and it’s openly unique possibilities for personal style and clever engineering.
Yet somewhere along the line of the ‘traditional’ Hot Rod legacy, things became a bit… odd. Enter, the ‘Themed Hot-Rod’. During the mid-to-late 60’s on into the 70’s (and to some extent, the early-80’s) the Hot Rod entered a whole new phase that at times bordered on the absolutely absurd – and that’s mostly why we’re sharing these examples with you. It’s Friday folks – have a laugh, gawp at the baffling attention-to-detail, ponder just how, exactly some of these… um, work.
-Blake J.

Audi R8. Wait for it. Wait for it. VROOMMM!

April 6, 2011

Driving an Audio R8 Spyder in Brazil would be nothing but Amazing! The incredible scenery, friendly people,  rustic towns and the open road.

Check out the video:
Thrill of Performance. Love of Style.

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Win a Lawson Industries Performance Exhaust!

April 6, 2011

Enter to win a Lawson Industries performance exhaust and your car can sound as good as this ’02 Nissan Maxima. Listen to this baby hum…

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